The smallest and sweetest homeopathic travel kits in the world.
You will love them !


 Hominix is a manufacturer of miniature containers for homeopathic remedies  - homeopathic travel kits. Our containers are designed with ease of portability in mind for use in traveling or emergency cases.

 With our products you can have the most important remedies at hand anywhere with you: in your pocket, in you bag, as keyfob or even as earring.

 With Hominix homeopathic travel kits, not only will you save space and weight while traveling, you will also be able to take more remedies with you  than with any other product available on the market.

The large variety of containers we produce gives our customers many choices from which they can choose the product which will best suits their needs. In addition, we are able to make custom products to the customers specifications and wishes, such as engravings, dedications, labels, and much more.

 We produce containers of various sizes, from big to small, for homeopaths, big journeys, for globe-trotters and climbers. We also produce key fobs, necklaces, as well as artistic containers for handbags or the doctor's desk.

 The number of different remedies in a single container varies from 1 to over 70. You are also able to combine containers to make your personal homeopathic travel kit or your personal home pharmacy.

Our containers suite various size globules from big to small. The wood containers are available in three different models: with embedded glas vials, with plastic vials and without any vials. We have manufactured the smallest glas vials on the market: 17,5 x 8 mm, that is 0,5 gramm.

 Hominix products will save you time and hassle in searching for a specific homeopathic remedy in an emergency case.

Attention: we do not sell any homeopathic remedies or filled containers !

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